Music Therapy in Motion

About The Company

Music Therapy in Motion, LLC strives to help each individual one beat at a time.  the focus is on an individual’s abilities and musical interests’. We offer effective treatment via musical interaction, stimulation, or relaxation.  Music Therapy in Motion, LLC offers services throughout the Grand Forks, East Grand Forks, Fargo, Moorhead and surrounding areas.  Music therapy services are provided in individual and group settings.  Music Therapy in Motion offers sessions in the clinic, home and on location.

The Solution

We provided Music Therapy in motion a new top of the line website to help provide all clients with all the information they need along with a system to allow for even registration.

A Whole new look for a 
whole new company.

Mobile Friendly

Our site was bulit from the ground up woth mobile in mind. With the presentage of users using mobile today we wanted to make sure the website worked on any platform.

Ground Up Design

There was not templates or prefab here. Every aspect was thought out and every line of code written by hand. You will never find a site like this one. 

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